Pharmaceutical Courier & Delivery Service

Delivering Care, One Package at a Time

Arch Express excels at providing specialized pharmaceutical delivery services. A state-certified, women-owned courier company, we operate within a 150-mile radius of St. Louis, MO, and extend our services to Kansas City, MO, five times per week.

Our team ensures that pharmaceutical drugs are transported safely and efficiently to pharmacies, hospitals, and nursing homes. Arch Express drivers are bonded, insured, and rigorously trained in handling pharmaceuticals, adhering to HIPAA regulations to maintain the integrity of these vital shipments.

Call (314) 989-0100 or contact us online to set up pharmaceutical delivery services with Arch Express.

Why Choose Arch Express for Pharmaceutical Courier Services?

Choosing Arch Express for your pharmaceutical courier services ensures timely and secure delivery of critical medications to pharmacies, hospitals, and nursing homes on a routine scheduled basis or on-call.

[+] Certified Pharmaceutical Courier

Certified in HIPAA and OSHA regulations and protocols, Arch Express drivers deliver sensitive medications and supplies swiftly and securely.

[+] Scheduled Routed Services

Pharmacies, hospitals, and nursing homes can establish scheduled routed services with Arch Express to guarantee they have the medications and medical supplies they need on a consistent basis. This simplifies pharmaceutical deliveries, streamlining supply chains and saving on delivery costs.

[+] State-of-the-Art Tracking Technology

Utilizing advanced GPS technology, Arch Express optimizes routes for time-sensitive pharmaceutical deliveries, with real-time tracking ensuring reliability and efficiency within a 150-mile radius of St. Louis.

[+] Customized Pharmaceutical Delivery Solutions in St. Louis

Arch Express will customize our pharmaceutical delivery service to fit your schedule and your unique needs, with options including:

  • Rush Deliveries: Picked up and delivered within approximately 60 minutes.
  • Two-Hour Deliveries: Picked up and delivered within two hours.
  • Four-Hour Deliveries: Picked up and delivered within four hours.
  • Same-Day Deliveries: Called in before 10 a.m. and delivered before 5 p.m.

Specialized Pharmaceutical Courier Services in St. Louis

Temperature Controlled

Arch Express drivers use temperature-controlled vehicles to ensure your pharmaceuticals remain viable.

Guaranteed Same Day Deliveries

Our services are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays, to support the continuous needs of the healthcare sector.

Cutting-Edge Delivery Tracking

Arch Express uses advanced GPS technology for real-time monitoring, offering unparalleled transparency and efficiency.

Pharmaceutical Paperwork

Bonded, insured, and HIPAA compliant, Arch Express can securely transport sensitive documents.

Ready to see what sets Arch Express apart? Call (314) 989-0100 or contact us online to learn how our specialized delivery services can enhance your pharmaceutical operations