Medical Courier & Delivery Service


Delivering Care, One Package at a Time

As a state-certified, women-owned medical delivery company, Arch Express proudly serves a 150-mile radius around St. Louis, Missouri, and extends courier services to Kansas City, MO, five times per week.

Our drivers understand that medical deliveries are not just packages - they're lifelines. We tailor our services to ensure timely, professional, and compliant transport of everything from transplant tissue to pharmaceuticals.

Why Choose Arch Express for Medical Courier Services?

Medical couriers are key players in the patient care process, so healthcare providers need vetted, certified medical delivery services they can depend on. Our drivers are trained to fulfill time-sensitive deliveries, decreasing the chance of damages to fragile packages.

[+] Certified and Compliant Medical Courier

Arch Express drivers are certified in HIPAA and OSHA regulations and protocols. This ensures sensitive medical supplies and specimens are transported with utmost care, making Arch Express medical courier services the go-to option in St. Louis.

[+] Round-the-clock Deliveries

Patient care never stops, so neither does Arch Express. We make deliveries during traditional 9-to-5 business hours, as well as on-call deliveries late at night and on the weekends. By partnering with Arch Express, healthcare institutions can spend more time saving lives and less time organizing the logistics of a delivery.

[+] Multifaceted Support

Arch Express can help hospitals, concierge service providers, and private labs save money by streamlining delivery of important supplies. We can cover entire healthcare networks, eliminating the need for each facility to pay for a separate courier.

[+] Advanced Technology for Medical Delivery Services

We use new technologies to help provide more efficient medical delivery services. State-of-the-art GPS-activated software guides Arch Express drivers along the fastest routes and allows real-time tracking of medical deliveries throughout and within a 150-mile radius of St. Louis.

[+] Customized Medical Delivery Solutions in St. Louis

Whether it's a single package or multiple pallets, Arch Express will tailor our medical delivery service to your specific needs, with options including:

  • Rush Medical Delivery: Picked up and delivered within approximately 60 minutes.
  • Two-Hour Medical Delivery: Picked up and delivered within two hours.
  • Four-Hour Medical Delivery: Picked up and delivered within four hours.
  • Same-Day Medical Delivery: Called in before 10 a.m. and delivered before 5 p.m.

Specialized Medical Courier Services in St. Louis

Transplant Tissue

Time-Sensitive: Trust Arch Express for safe, timely delivery of transplant tissues and organs.


Safe and Secure: Arch Express medical courier services are bonded, insured and HIPAA compliant.

Medical Paperwork

Arch Express can reliably and securely transport sensitive documents and patient records between healthcare facilities, reducing the risk of delays.

Medical Supplies

Arch Express delivers medical supplies to doctor's offices and hospitals, carrying anything from a single box of syringes to a skid of examining gloves.

Ready to experience the Arch Express difference? Contact us to discover how we can add value to your healthcare operations.